Not Just Darkness

caveWhen you think of a cave, you might just think of a vast expanse of darkness. Bats might even be involved in the picture. But caves have so much more to offer than creepy bats and rock walls. Around the world, they offer everything from massive waterfalls, to hanging glow-worms, to gigantic hanging crystals. During your visit, you can hike, raft and climb your way across kilometres of steep passages. A holiday visiting caves will be unlike any other trip.

Dig into History

caveDespite the fact that caves are hidden and difficult to access, we’re not the first ones to enjoy them. There’s a world of history behind every cave, and on your trip, you can discover it. Ancient people used caves for growing certain foods, taking shelter and performing religious rites. They even used them in the Ice Age! In the Hundred Mammoths Cave in France, there are drawings of what could be an earlier version of human beings. Discover rarities like these on your own trip.

Cave Safely

caveIn all the excitement, let’s not forget that caves are dangerous! But this is no reason to avoid them. In fact, it’s all the more reason for all you adventurers out there. But when you do go, take the necessary safety precautions. Never go caving alone. Even if you’re taking a solo caving holiday, stick to tour groups or find a fellow traveller to be your companion. Since you’re heading down into a dark abyss, you need to have company so no one gets hurt or lost without nearby help.